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Day & Night Set

Day & Night Set

VAT Included


1x Gentle 50ml toothpaste

1x Crystal 50ml toothpaste

1x FREE: Profi activ-coal toothbrush

  • Product Information

    «Day &  Night» is the daily dental care concept of SWISSDENT. The combination of  «silver» during the day and «gold» in the evening promises efficient  and gentle tooth whitening and is also anti-ageing.

    DAY: GENTLE Toothpaste 50 ml

    Whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth, RDA 25

    The  patented microtechnology removes tooth discolouration caused by tea,  coffee, red wine or tobacco and enzymes remove plaque gently.

    NIGHT: CRYSTAL Toothpaste 50 ml
    Remineralising toothpaste, builds up tooth enamel, RDA 14

    Works  against dental aging, builds up a new layer overnight, reduces  sensitivity and supplies the teeth with nutrients (remineralisation).

    DAY & NIGHT: PROFI Toothbrush Active Coal soft
    Precise and gentle tooth cleaning without damaging the gums

    Active coal bristles are antibacterial, remove plaque and absorb harmful susbstances and oxidants.

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