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WHITENING Toothbrush Active Coal SOFT

WHITENING Toothbrush Active Coal SOFT

VAT Included

The patented and award-winning SWISSDENT toothbrush is now available with medical active coal on the bristles.

  • Product-Information

    Our patented and award-winning SWISSDENT toothbrushes have a small brush head that reaches even the most difficult areas of the mouth. The concave (spoon-shaped) bristle field embraces the convex contours of the tooth and is also gentle on the gums.


    The handle was modelled on a dental instrument to facilitate manipulation. This special SWISSDENT form is unique and patented. SWISSDENT PROFI was also winner of the Red Dot Design Award for «Best Design».


    • The porous structure of medical active coal absorbs harmful substances and oxidants.
    • The micro-coal particles on the bristles have an anti-bacterial effect and reliably remove plaque from the tooth surface.
    • The cleaning effect is enhanced without attacking the enamel.
    • Small toothbrush head to reach even the most awkward areas
    • Concave bristle field (spoon shape) adapts perfectly to the convex contours of the front teeth helping to control the bristles especially in the anterior region
    • Handle was inspired by the shape of dental instruments for precision handling


    Toothbrushes to be replaced when bristles become out of shape


    More Information here: PROFI Whitening Toothbrush

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