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Crystal Gold Set (total value: EUR 30.40)

Crystal Gold Set (total value: EUR 30.40)

VAT Included


1x CRYSTAL 100ml Toothpaste

1x PROFI WHITENING Gold Toothbrush

  • Product-Information

    CRYSTAL Toothpaste 100ml: works against dental aging and builds up a new layer of tooth enamel, reduces sensitivity and repairs the mineral loss of the tooth enamel. Reduces sensitivity before and after a professional teeth bleaching.

    More Information here: CRYSTAL Toothpaste


    PROFI WHITENING Gold Toothbrush: Our patented and award-winning PROFI toothbrushes have a small brush head that reaches even the most difficult areas of the mouth. The concave (spoon-shaped) bristle field embraces the convex contours of the tooth and prevents injuries to the gums.

    More Information here: PROFI WHITENING Gold Toothbrush

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