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BIOCARE Combo Pack (total value: EUR 16.40)

BIOCARE Combo Pack (total value: EUR 16.40)

VAT Included


1x BIOCARE Toothpaste 50ml
1x PROFI COLOURS Toothbrush

  • Product-Information

    BIOCARE Toothpaste 50ml: has been developed with an innovative, active ingredient combination (biomineralisation) that strengthens the tooth surface and protects against sensitivity - for strong, healthy teeth that ward off new discolorations. Active ingredients deposit in the smallest cracks and thus protect tooth enamel. Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) contribute to gingival regeneration and support cell renewal. Plant extracts inhibit plaque formation and improve gingival health.

    More Information here: BIOCARE Toothpaste


    PROFI COLOURS Toothbrush: The small brush head of the toothbrush also optimally reaches difficult areas in the mouth. In addition, the spoon shape of the bristles nestles against the tooth and is gentle on the gums.

    More Information here: PROFI COLOURS Toothbrush

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