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What distinguishes SWISSDENT from other dental care products?

The difference to other toothpastes, toothbrushes or mouth sprays lies in the patented SWISSDENT innovations and Swiss high-tech production.

Innovation 1

Microtechnology to whiten teeth without damaging tooth enamel

Innovation 4

Biomimetic remineralization to repair the loss of minerals in tooth enamel and counteract the aging process

Innovation 7

Concave bristle field (spoon shape) of the toothbrushes for teeth cleaning at a professional level

Innovation 2

Very low RDA for minimally abrasive cleaning

(RDA 14-40)

Innovation 5

Biomineralization strengthens the tooth surface and protects against hypersensitivity

Innovation 8

Handle like a dental instrument for precise handling and a small brush head to avoid gum injuries

Innovation 3

Gum rejuvenation thanks to coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E in toothpaste

Innovation 6

Oxygard® technology whitens teeth while fighting bad breath bacteria

Innovation 9

We are developing, stay tuned ...

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SWISSDENT Cosmetics AG is an international company based in Zurich, which was founded in 2006 by the Swiss dentist Dr. med. dent. Vaclav Velkoborsky was founded.


Patients' desire for white teeth is often at odds with the negative effects of aggressive bleaching methods, such as hypersensitivity and damage to tooth enamel. Dr. Velkoborsky recognized the need for a gentle, mineralizing and yet whitening toothpaste in his patients and began in 2005 to develop a formulation that should only contain the “best of the best”, regardless of the manufacturing costs and according to the most modern knowledge. This unique SWISSDENT formulation has been patented and ensures gentle whitening and effective cleaning of the teeth.


SWISSDENT Cosmetics AG today employs a number of specialists in the development of innovative dental care products and holds several patents. All products are 100% made in Switzerland and are subject to strict quality controls.

Dr. med. dent.

Vaclav Velkoborsky

Swiss Federal Diploma Dentist, University of Zurich


  • AACD American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • IADR International Association for Dental Research

  • SDS Society for Dental Science

The Secret Behind

The secret recipe from SWISSDENT is a special combination of high-tech and natural enzymes. Bromelain and papain from pineapple and papaya naturally remove plaque from the tooth surface and act like an enzymatic peel. Calcium peroxide (CaO2) and Oxygard® are responsible for the actual whitening process (ie the oxidation of the deposited color pigments). With the help of the most modern technology, the CaO2 is micronized and in this smallest form reaches the places where it is supposed to develop its effect even more optimally.

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